Research indicates that food insecurity isn't a stand-alone challenge. Often, food insecurity is a sign of other socio-economic hardships (such as housing insecurity, lack of access to healthcare, financial hardship, etc.). 
We will do our best to keep this page updated with other resources that might help you. Please feel free to send us feedback for any suggestions.

Cobbers Feeding Cobbers

A Dining Services Program

Dining serves runs this program to help serve students facing food insecurity.


Students who have Dining Dollars are able to donate to the Cobbers Feeding Cobbers program.


Students experiencing food insecurity can complete a short application to request meal swipes. 


Community Resources

The Fargo/Moorhead area is home to over 14 food pantries.


We've compiled a user-friendly guide that lists out these pantries as well as an overview of key information you'll need—hours/day of service, what you need to bring with you, what food/items they provide, and a map of their locations, . 

Connect with Someone at Concordia


The Cobber Food Pantry is an evolving project in partnership with Health Services. Our Health Services Coordinator, Katie Nystuen, can help you access and connect you to additional resources based on your needs.


Katie is also able to help you with transportation needs to access the various food pantries off campus. 

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Free MATBus Rides

MATBus is the name of the public transportation system that serves the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo region and is an excellent source of transportation to access the local food pantries. 

Concordia faculty, staff, and students are all able to ride MATBus for free. All you need to do is present your Concordia ID. 

For details and routes, visit their website! 


Cooking Videos

Did you pick up a couple items from the food pantry that you are not sure how to use? Nutrition students from Concordia put their recipe creation skills to the test and put together a few cooking-show style videos to show you you how to make them. Check it out!

Aerial View of Baking Ingredients

Recipe Cards

Finding recipes for specific food items can be difficult, so Concordia nutrition students wrote out some recipes for you to try. Click the button below to get cooking!