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The food pantry can be accessed by current Concordia students as many times as they want - no limits on how often. Students will need their ID card, and to fill out a brief intake form at each visit. The form is confidential and only asks questions for the purpose of keeping data.

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Food Pick-Up

Summer 2024 Hours:                                                                                       
Mondays, 11am-1pm                                                                           

Thursdays, 4pm-6pm


Parke Student Leadership Center

In the effort to normalize the use of the Cobber Food Pantry, we are not requiring any paperwork upfront nor will be making any assessments of need. If you are accessing the food pantry in person, we simply ask that you show your Concordia ID and complete a short intake form.

You can visit the food pantry as often as you want. Twice a week, once a month, once a semester - we assume if you show up, you need food!

Didn't see the items you need? We regularly restock the shelves with new products. 


Other ways to request food
Request an appointment OR
Request a delivery to your campus PO box

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